Pelé – His Last Game


On 23 October (21 on birth certificate) 1940 a boy was born in Brazil. Parents João Ramos do Nascimento & Dona Celeste Arantes named him Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Through his liftime he received many different titles and names “The Black Pearl”, “The King of Football” and many more but we know him best as Pelé .

I can fill pages of this blog yet I would not be able to cover all his marvels and acomplishments in life. Scoring 1281 goals in 1363 games, winning numerous medals, receiving multiple honours he made his way to be named the Athlete of the Century, elected by International Olympic Committee: 1999, FIFA Player of the Century : 2000, Greatest football player to have ever played the game, by Golden Foot: 2012, and many more.

So I’ll just get to the point. The way pele left the game- an honor in itself.

On 1 October 1977 Pelé’s father, his wife and a number of his friends including Muhammad Ali & Bobby Moore were present at Giants Stadium to witness Pelé close out his legendary career. The game was betweenthe New York Cosmos – who he had been playing with for two years, and Santos – the club where it all began, the club he played 17 seasons with, the club he joined when he was 15. The stadium was packed at full capacity and there were audiences glued to their television screens through out the world. Pelé gave a brief pre-match speech during which he asked the crowd to say the word “love” with him three times.

He played the first half for the New York Cosmos and the second half for Santos. At halftime, Cosmos retired Pelé’s number 10 jersey. Pelé presented his Cosmos jersey to his father, who was escorted to the field by the Cosmos’ captain. After the match, Pelé was embraced by the New York Cosmos players and then ran around the field holding an American flag in his left hand and a Brazilian flag in his right hand. What a finale to a fantastic career.

Pelé final goal was against his former club. He scored on a direct free kick which the Santos goalkeeper was unable to contain. New York Cosmos won that match 2-1, but the audience got more out of it than just three goals.


Little Messi is here


Looks like the next big thing is here. Well almost, 15 years or so away. The person we are referring to is a 4 year old Englishman Archie Shepherd. ‘Little Messi’, as he is known as, has already caught the attention of major football clubs. West Ham, Arsenal & Chelsea are already helping to train the 4 year old star in the hope that he might join one of their youth academies on a full-time basis, according to the Mail.

At the moment he practices twice a week with West Ham’s U-6 academy team, once a week with Arsenal and for a part of last summer he was at Chelsea’s Summer School.

His father, Pat Shepherd, says Archie eats, sleeps and breathes the game.

“He has played club football since he was three but even when he was a baby he didn’t want toys, he just wanted a football,” the elder Shepherd said. “He doesn’t stop playing and he doesn’t care if kids are bigger than him — he shows no fear.”

Archie recently scored 10 goals in one game for his club County Park FC, against a team of boys two years his senior.

‘He is a normal height for a four-year-old but his natural skills and footwork are way above average for his age.’

Though he is known as ‘Little Messi’ Archie says: ‘I love football.
‘I like Real Madrid – when I grow up I want to be Cristiano Ronaldo.’

Picture Source: Essex News and Pictures.

Football Sansar Photo Competition

On 15th March 2013 Nikesh Maharjan became the winner of the Football Sansar Facebook photo competition. The competition that ran for over a month was an opportunity for football fans to show their love and passion for the game. The photo with the most number of likes would win the competition & Nikesh seized the competition with 2777 likes.

Congratulations to Nikesh on the victory. Along with the prize money of Rs 5000/- he has also received some bragging rights to show his love of the game.

Contestant no 28. Nikesh Maharjan

Contestant no 28. Nikesh Maharjan

Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea

Wow! What a comeback from city and what a great attacking display from a Mancini sky blue Manchester. Some were even saying before the match that if they can win today against Chelsea they might win the Premier league and they didn’t disappoint their fans with a win. Tevez with a perfectly timed U-turn to the first team football and his assist toniht wins it for City.

FT Tottenham 0-0 Westham

Another Draw for 5th placed Tottenham in white hart lane. Tottenham 0-0 Westham.

Have your say about this :
Tottenham should focus in Premiere League and try to be in top 4 rather than Champions League from now onwards. They’ve already achieved what RealMadrid couldnot for the past 7years ie to be in quarterfinals of Champions League. And now, if they dont get into top4 and if they dont win the Champions League (with the likes of RealMadrid, Barcelona, Inter, Chelsea , Manchester United all in que to lift the prestigeous Cup) , i cant see them playing in champions League next year again.

So have your say about this. Should Tottenham focus on Champions League or more importantly Premiere League ?